Saturday, May 3, 2008


Tonight was mine and Jennifer's eleventh wedding anniversary. Part of our anniversary celebration was to go to U23D, a 3-D movie of a U2 concert held in Buenos Aries. One of the sets they did was one of my favourites, Sunday Bloody Sunday. During the prior set, Bono had put on a headband that had a crescent moon, a Star of David, and a cross, symbols of the three Abrahamic faiths. Between the moon and the star were the letters "o" and "e" and between the star and the cross were the letters "i" and "s", turning the three symbols into the word "Coexist".

During a segment of the song, Bono sang words addressing Father Abraham, asking "what have we done?", reflecting the blood shed by members of each faith warring against, amongst, and between themselves. And then the call for "No More!"

I was profoundly moved by the song - not a call for the end of religions, but a call for coexistence, for peace, and for love. Literally moved to tears.

I reflected upon the words of our earlier prophets, particularly Brigham Young, that in the millenium there would still be people of all faiths on the earth. The difference would be that we would be at peace with each other, that there would be no bloodshed, strife, or contention.

I look forward in hope for such a better world.