Sunday, October 21, 2007

A First Post

I suppose every blog requires a first post. This is mine. I thought that rather than introducing myself I would introduce the purpose of this blog: what it is, why, and for whom.

The What: Unless one is working from a precise plan it is hard to say exactly how something will turn out, and even then, I often think we make plans just so God can have a good laugh. But for the moment I intend the blog to be a place where I can preserve my thoughts about life, faith, religion, and all things spiritual. I expect most posts will be about religion, or as the blog description would have it, the pursuit of Wisdom (which itself will be a post in the near future). But I expect it will also be about my family, occasionally politics, with the occasional blend of history, science, and random ramblings. Basically, it will be about the things I think about - my family, God, and the wild, complexly confusing thing we call life.

The Why: First and foremost to simply record my thoughts, both about those things I think about all the time and about the random events that give life so much flavour. For the former, my thoughts and feelings about things have changed a great deal over my life and I wish I had a record of how I thought at different times in my life, to track how those thoughts have developed, grown, changed and be able to look at what changes the most, what changes the least, and what changes were a return to a previous way of thinking. For the latter, because I am amazed at how easily we forget things, including things we shouldn't - either because they are important or because they are precious (in all that word's meanings) or usually a combination of both. The second "why" is because as the blog's title (and future posts will as well) makes clear, I am a rambler. I ramble when I think and I ramble when I talk. And I don't think that is a bad thing. But I also think that there is value in being able to put things together, coherently and succinctly (which is also not my strong suit), both for oneself and for the other with whom we are trying to communicate.

The Whom: For myself, for the above reasons. For others - family, friends, and perhaps strangers, that they might know me better, but moreso, so that perhaps my thoughts will inspire thoughts of their own and perhaps we can be edified together. In other words, if you are reading this, welcome, and your comments are welcome.


JLR said...

I am happy you are making a blog too. I love you and love learning more about you. With your blog I can do that, and then make my blog about my wonderful husband and our precious children!

Grasshopper said...

Sage! How nice to see you! Well, if you can start blogging, maybe I can start back up, too...

The Ignorant Sage said...

Grasshopper - nice to see you as well. I look forward to any thoughts you might have. And hopefully I'll post more here soon (I kind of forced the last post, before it was really done, just because I wanted to post something...).

And I would be thrilled to see your's "resurrected".