Friday, October 26, 2007

What this blog is not

Having introduced the blog and myself, and before getting into more substantive subjects, I thought I should perhaps talk for a moment about what this blog is not.

First, this blog is not an attempt to outline Mormon or LDS doctrine. I certainly doubt I could do it better than the Church's website and there is really no need for me to sit here and simply recite established LDS doctrine (though this particular portion of the Church's website shows just how hard it is to determine what exactly 'established' LDS doctrine is, and emphasizes how fluid it can be given our belief in continual revelation).

Second, this blog is not an attempt at apologetics. I am not here to defend my own beliefs, let alone the teachings of the LDS Church. Again, there are other people doing that, such as FARMS and FAIR, plus it's not really my thing.

This blog is about my beliefs, as well as thoughts, speculations, ideas, suppositions, and probably even strained hypotheticals. There will be mistakes, errors, inconsistencies, at the extremes maybe even heresies. But I'll try and keep all of those things to a minimum. ;-)

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JLR said...

From wife- heresies, oh dear =).
From editor- simply, vs simpley =).